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Let's discuss a project?

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Who are Dme.Production

Dme.Production Studio
produces video content
for an exact goal or a task

Our Studio has its own Internet marketing department and therefore we make quality video content for business. You will get a strong video that will solve a specific task.


Dme Video Production filmed parties with Potap, Black Eyed Peas, Little Big and others. But this does not prevent us from taking any other order, shoot an event, conference or even a wedding. Just leave a request 🙂

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⚡ How much does it cost to create a video clip?

The cost of creating a video depends on a dozen different data - the purpose of creating the video, the cost of man-hours, the timing of the video, the availability of actors or the level of location. We can create a video for both $ 200 and $ 10,000.

🔑 Can you make turnkey commercial?

We will make an excellent selling commercial for your task. It can be advertised on the Internet or on TV. The cost of the commercial starts from $ 300 for simple tasks on the Internet, and from $ 3000 for complex tasks on TV.

🚀 What are your strengths?

Dme Studio is in the TOP 3 Ukrainian advertising companies on Google, which means that we can make a high-quality advertising company video clip that our studio will develop. With a guaranteed result under the contract.

📹 What kind of video content can you make?

Dme.Production Studio produces video content of any level of complexity and for any specific purpose - commercials, video presentations, 2D and 3D video, shooting, editing, dubbing and post production.

🥇 What is the price of an animated movie?

The production cost of a 2d animated movie starts at $ 200, the cost of creating a 3d animated movie starts at $ 400. We can make an excellent video for your budget, just leave a request on the site.

🕜 What is the average video creation time?

If this is not a complicated minute animation, production can take up to 5 days. And if it is an art commercial, then the total time for production can take several months.

✅ What do you need to know the price?

To receive a free calculation, you must leave a request on the website or contact us by phone or via email. We will offer you several options for implementing your project and fully advise.

💻 I need a video and its advertising, can you help?

Dme.Production Studio has its own Internet marketing department, studio is in the TOP 3 of the best Ukrainian advertising companies in Google. Yes, we can qualitatively help with advertising video on the Internet.

💰 What are options and payment procedure?

To get started, you need to pay 50% of the payment. The second part is paid upon the availability of video content. You can pay to a bank account, to a Visa / Mastercard, as well as any electronic money.

📄 Are there the contract and other guarantees?

Yes, to start work, you must sign an agreement. All obligations of the parties are registered there and penalties for not delivering the project on time are indicated. The contract can be obtained from the manager - just call us.

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