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Video presentation

Video presentation — is a video clip that reveals information about a product, service, brand or company using animation, graphics and voice acting. The main task of this video is to spectacularly present the necessary information.

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Creating a video presentation turnkey from Dme.Production
video presentation, Creating a video presentation from Dme.Production

One of the effective tools to attract potential customers, increase sales, increase profits, is a high-quality presentation video.

In an accessible form it explains customers about the benefits of goods and services, contributes to the purchase, introduces customers to the company, forming its positive image.

Creating a high-quality presentation video is complex, time-consuming, knowledge requiring a process. Therefore, do not trust the filming of the video to first caught the eye studio.

Create an effective, positive result presentation video clip of any level of complexity and focus, help professionals of our company DME Production.

We cooperate with clients from Kyiv and other places of Ukraine (individuals and legal entities) and also work remotely (we fulfil orders for foreign clients).

Multi-step process for creating a presentation video consists of:

  1. storyboards;
  2. visualization;
  3. video filming;
  4. post-processing footage.

Our team consists of experienced scriptwriters, directors, editing operators, creative designers and other specialists who with the help of modern imaging equipment will develop:

  1. Filmed presentational video (is a reportage shooting, is the basis of a future film).
  2. Graphic presentation video (using existing video cutting or photos, adding animation to them).

Such video content as a presentation video is a universal product that contributes to the formation of a positive image and promotes the company’s product on the market.

Video presentation is an effective tool to attract customers. With the help of a high-quality presentation, it will be possible to increase sales, increase profits, declare a new company product, services.
The video representing the product provides the presentation of its benefits in an accessible form. It is possible to show the features of the product from the best side, introduce it to the activities of the company, and form a positive image.

How to create a video presentation from Dme.Production
presentation video, how to create a video presentation
Creating a high-quality presentation video is a process that requires attention, knowledge and professionalism. Do not do without special equipment. DME Production has it all and also the creativity and understanding of the importance of meeting deadlines.

We are ready to create an effective presentation film of any level of complexity that works for a positive result. Orientation also does not matter – we can shoot completely different materials.

We work with clients from anywhere in Ukraine and the world. If there is no way to communicate directly, then you can set up remote collaboration.

More about shooting a video presentation

Making a presentation for the company is a feasible task for us, because we work according to a clear algorithm. Specific steps:

  1. Storyboard.
  2. Visualization.
  3. Video recording.
  4. Postproduction.

The DME Production team consists of screenwriters, directors, film directors, creative designers with extensive experience. Their forces will be able to develop:

  1. The filmed presentation video. This is a reportage shooting, the basis of the future film.
  2. Graphic presentation video. Ready-made photos and videos are used, possibly complemented by animation.

Please note – the presentation video for the company is a product that contributes to the formation of a positive image, with its help it is possible to promote the company’s product on the market, to announce it.

What we shoot when we make a turnkey video presentation
creation of video presentations, the process of creating a video presentation
In DME Production, you can order presentation clips of various kinds:

  1. Company movie or video.
  2. Presentation video content for your scenario.
  3. Screenwriting presentation by our screenwriters.

In any case, the material we shot is able to quickly convey information to the consumer, improve the company’s reputation.

You can use the footage on the corporate website, in social networks, in meetings with clients. Competitors will envy you if you order a presentation clip from us.

Do you need a strong, selling and high-quality video presentation?

Dme. Production creates content of any complexity for different purposes:

  1. Film or video presentation about the company;
  2. Presentation on your or our scenario.

The video will allow you to quickly deliver the necessary information to the consumer or improve the company’s reputation.

The presentation can be used on your website, on customer meetings, and also in YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

Dme Production has its own staff of designers and marketers who will quickly and efficiently solve the problem of any complexity.

Do you want competitors to envy your company?

Do not wait, leave a request right now to discuss your project and get high-quality video content.

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